Point to Point Counselling

Direct. Unfiltered. To the Point.

Sometimes we need a little bit of help, a bit of unbiased reflection to give insight and clarity…

Counselling, therapy and coaching with Point to Point Counselling (PTPC) can assist you in discovering, and openly understanding, your options so you can make decisions and progress.

Our mediation and dispute resolution services can assist you in commencing or restarting discussion to move forward.

Point to Point Counselling service providers apply a vast array of theoretical and practical skills to provide our services to you. These include mindfulness, humanistic (also known as person-centred), psychodynamic and CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) approaches among others.

Gaining an understanding of you and with everything you’re willing to share, we can start taking steps to help you move in the direction you seek.

Contact us today and let’s start the discussion…