Confused Due to Travel Insurance Policies?


Travel insurance is a product more and more purchased by holiday makers but the policies themselves are not always clear. A large number of customers claim to be confused about the coverage of their travel insurance policy. Most customers believe the insurance policy will cover against any accident and will fail to carefully read the entire policy agreement.

The main reason that insurance providers refuse to reimburse travelers is because of the covered reasons. Each type of coverage has a number of covered reasons. For example trip cancellation coverage has a number of reasons like loss of a job and if the cancellation did not occur due to one of the covered reasons the insurance provider will not reimburse the customer. Here are seven of the most common questions from confused customers:


1. Why did I not receive reimbursement for my trip cancellation coverage?

As we mentioned before, the key to trip cancellation  travel insurance is the cancellation reason. Each insurance provider  will have a specific list of covered reasons for cancellation and if you  did not cancel for a covered reason you will not get the money you  need.

There are also loopholes you need to look out for. For example the insurer may offer coverage for cancellation due to loss of a job but only if you have been working there for more than “x” years. Another example would be cancellation due to a family member’s illness, but if the family member is your brother-in-law he may not be considered a family member.

2. Why does the insurance company refuse to pay for my medical bills?

In the case of an accident that occurred while the policyholder was drunk or on drugs the insurance company has the right to refuse to pay the claim. Travel insurance providers in almost all cases will not reimburse a policyholder that has suffered any loss or got into an accident while drunk or intoxicated.

Getting injured or suffering any losses while committing a criminal act will also result in refusal of payment from the insurance provider.


3. Why won’t the insurance provider cover me if I got ill while travelling saying its pre-existing conditions?

Medical coverage travel insurance and pre-existing medical conditions policies are two entirely different products. Insurance providers exclude pre-existing conditions as reasons for coverage by default. Injuries or illnesses that have occurred prior to the effective date of the policy are considered pre-existing conditions are will not be covered by regular medical travel insurance. Learn more about pre-existing medical conditionspolicies here.

4. Why is the insurer refusing to reimburse our cruise trip if we missed a connecting flight?

It is true that most policies cover trip delays due  to missed connecting flight but only in some cases. In these cases it is  important to read the fine print of the policy. For example some  providers only cover these types of situations if the policy holder  allowed enough time in their planned itinerary to reach the flight in a certain period of time.

Miss connection coverage is similar to travel delay  coverage and usually requires the traveler to delay for only a set  amount of hours. Most times these delay times are not enough for the traveler to reach the flight. Many customers are confused when they do not receive reimbursement when they failed to read the entire policy.

5. Why does the insurer refuse to pay for the medical bills after my rock climbing accident?

Many travelers stumble into exciting activities during trips and take on the challenge but are unfortunately injured in the process. The important thing to note here is that medical coverage insurance will not cover accidents that have occurred due to extreme sports or activities.

There are special types of policies that are especially designed for travelers in search of a rush. These adventure activity travel insurance policies cover the policyholder against injuries caused by sports like: skiing, snowboarding, bungee jumping, sky diving, Para-gliding and many more.

6. I missed my return flight due to civil uprising while traveling abroad. Why is this not covered?

This is where having the right type of travel insurance comes into play; because not all travel insurance types will cover you against political evacuations or civil uprisings. The truth is that most policies exclude these types of situations but if you know there is a chance to meet a civil uprising in the country of destination you can buy the right policy at the right time.

7. Why does the insurance company refuse to pay if my room was robbed while I was away?

Baggage coverage policies generally have a list of items that the insurer will reimburse for if they are lost or stolen. The types of items that are usually excluded are jewelry, sports equipment, electronics, bank cards or documents. All insurance policies like this will include a list such as this and it is important for you to read what the extent of the coverage is.

A popular insurance company called Youi recommend to always read the ENTIRE policy and you will never have to worry about refusal of reimbursement from the insurance provider. Read everything and you will not have a chance of being confused.

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