Why is Pregnancy Travel Insurance Important ?


Traveling is usually the best way to relieve some stress but in the case of pregnant women it is never advised to take trips especially in the last trimester. Flying is particularly dangerous to pregnant women and should always be avoided. The physical demands of the trip can have negative effects on the pregnancy ,lead to early labor or even miscarriage. Most doctors would recommend postponing or cancelling trips after the second trimester of the pregnancy, as most trips also include many activities that can be physically demanding. It is very important for pregnant women to get medical travel insurance if they plan on traveling during the pregnancy.

Do all travel insurance companies offer pregnancy coverage?


Due to the greater possibility that pregnant women would need medical attention, many insurance companies do not insure pregnant travelers. Also, most standard travel insurance policies don’t provide coverage for pregnancy related emergencies. Most  travel insurance policies that include pregnancy related coverage are usually more expensive, but it is very important to purchase such a travel insurance  as to make sure the pregnant woman will receive medical attention in case of an emergency.

Medical travel insurance with pregnancy coverage will also offer protection for other possible problems such as: loss of travel investment due to cancellation or interruption, lost documents, repatriation expenses, medical expenses or financial losses. Your total expenses may or may not be compensated, depending on the travel insurance company you purchased the insurance plans from or the type of insurance policy or level of coverage.

How is purchasing a pregnancy travel insurance different than a standard insurance?

Pregnancy travel insurance is more difficult to purchase because the travel insurance company requires the pregnant woman’s medical history, the stage of the pregnancy she is in, and  her health condition before it will approve her application for a pregnancy travel insurance.Travel insurance for pregnant women will differ from company to company, for example, some travel insurance companies will not provide protection for women that are over 28 weeks into the pregnancy without taking into consideration her health condition, while other travel insurance companies will insure women even in the late stages of the pregnancy after obtaining detailed medical information. Also, some travel insurance companies  do not offer pregnancy travel insurance coverage for certain pregnancy-related complications.


Where is it best to purchase the pregnancy travel insurance from ?

The best option is to buy your travel insurance from insurance companies that offer extensive insurance protection for pregnant travelers. Insurance companies that offer special pregnancy travel insurances policies will offer protection for: miscarriage, premature birth, treatment for premature infants or ectopic pregnancy.Also when searching for a travel insurance company to purchase a pregnancy travel insurance you should always keep in mind that an established company will most likely have the experience needed and the resources to provide good emergency services or good claims handling, while a small company may not.

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