Point to Point Counselling

Direct. Unfiltered. To the Point.

In this fast-paced world we live in, one filled with joy, surprise, confusion and calamity, we can all do with a bit of help – a listening ear, a sounding board; someone to share our mental and emotional load, someone who can sit with us to help unpack our silent burdens and reflect with a bit of unbiased input…

Therapy is a big step and finding the right therapist for you definitely adds to the challenge.

At Point to Point Counselling we delve directly into the essence of who is uniquely you. That is why we are proud of what we offer: direct, unfiltered, to the point services.. with complete confidence that everything remains strictly confidential.

Our mediation and dispute resolution services can assist you in commencing or restarting discussion, and helping to take the steps to resolve contentious issues.

Counselling, therapy and coaching with Point to Point Counselling can help you discover and openly understand your past and present, empowering you and reigniting your drive and passion for your future.

Contact us today, let PTPC help begin the conversation…