Point to Point Counselling (PTPC)

Our Story and Vision

From online and physical social impacts to personal and generational matters; family planning and ART (assisted reproductive technology – IUI, IVF, ET, FET); relationship cause and effect – fiscal, emotional, domestic violence and coercive control, familial roles and confusion; trauma and grievance; decoding children (non-verbal to adolescent) actions and interactions, and growing up in the world we live in today…

Sometimes life gets just a bit heavy, and it’s in those times we can feel alone, misunderstood, cornered, isolated, without anyone to turn to. Sometimes those feelings can feel so overwhelming that we can’t see or think clearly which can lead to previously unthought of actions and reaction.

Point to Point Counselling pride ourselves on our direct, unfiltered, to the point approach to Counselling and Therapy.

Point to Point Counselling differs in the way we take a human approach to counselling and therapy.

The essence of Point to Point Counselling is to assist you.

We are here.

We see you.

Call us.

We are here.

We hear you.