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With You on Your Journey

At Point to Point Counselling, we believe:

Your life is your own existence so everything begins with you.

Your perception is your reality.

Your feelings are valid.


Let’s have a chat

Knowing you need to talk through things is the first step. Finding the right person to speak with… that can be challenging.

Every counsellors’ approach to therapy is different and Point to Point Counselling is different in the way we hear and feed back to you. Whether you’re new to the therapeutic environment or a seasoned veteran to a variety of providers, you’ll find that PTPC’s counselling is a breath of different refreshed air.

Play Therapy (young children to adolescents)

Let’s Discover

Play therapy takes time and trust to gain traction. With the trust, an inane sense of safety is required.

Point to Point Counselling counsellors take the time to get to know the individual so that a real identity is discovered in order for clear communication and palpable progress to be made.

Mediation & Dispute Resolution Services (DRS)

Communication is Key

Communication can be clear or comments can be masked. Opinions, thoughts and feelings are impacted by past and present, conscious and the subconscious mind.

Let PTPC help guide you in communicating with clarity and parameters to ease the burden on trying to decipher what is being said vs what is being meant.

Life Coaching

All about You

Personal Life Coaching with Point to Point Counselling gives you the valuable guidance and support you need. Self-improvement is a lifelong evolutionary process.

Confirm your value to yourself, within yourself.

Professional Goal Setting

Growth of You

Professional Goal Setting with Point to Point Counselling is unlike any other coaching program.

Point to Point Counselling understands that each individual who contacts us has a unique set of circumstances and needs, background experiences and future goals & aspirations.

Achieving your professional goals requires vision, consistency and accountability. Let PTPC help you progress, let’s take the first step toward your next moment to meet and exceed your own expectation.

Relationship Therapy

All about Us

Point to Point Counselling’s therapy is based on the relationship you have with yourself, that relationship in turn affects and impacts relationships and interactions with those around you.

Contact us to speak with our service provider who has experience in questions and communications, love languages, separation, assisted reproductive technology (also known as IVF), family dynamics.

Contact us today to have a chat about what’s on your mind.